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Lille Kalvøy Guest Marina

Lille Kalvøy Guest Marina

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Sagafjord Guest Harbour

Sagafjord Guest Harbour

© Sagafjord


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  1. Lille Kalvøy Gästehafen


    Lille Kalvøy
    6021 Ålesund

    On Lille Kalvøy you can enjoy your stay with a panoramic view of the fiord. On the island you will find a well-equipped guest marina with several facilities like grill area (bring charcoal), playground, and wc.


    Von von 25,00 NOK Pro Tagbis 150,00 NOK 24 Stunden

    Lille Kalvøy Gästehafen zu Ihrer Route hinzufügen

  2. Stranda Marina


    Strandavegen 110
    6200 Stranda

    Salmon river. Short way to Stranda Ski Center. Release car. Great starting point for trips in the Sunnmørsalpene.

    Welcome to Stranda Marina!

  3. Sjøholt Guest Marina


    6240 Ørskog

    Welcome to Sjøholt Småbåthavn.

  4. Fosnavåg Guest Harbour


    Nørvågvegen 35
    6090 Fosnavåg

    Excellent stop before / after Stadt. Warm nice harbor that has most things. Here you will find all types of shops / restaurants. Liquor store 300 m from the guest pier. Most often it is live music on the weekends.

    Here is walking distance to…

  5. Hellesylt Marina


    Hellesyltvegen 1
    6218 Hellesylt

    Unique bathing house with beach all the way to the marina. Shower, washing machine and dryer at Hellesylt Camping (300 m). 28 km to Stranda.

    Welcome to Hellesylt Marina!

  6. Geirangerfjorden Marina


    Maråkvegen 51
    6216 Geiranger

    Geirangerfjorden Marina is centrally located in Geiranger with shops and restaurants within short walking distance.

    Capacity: approx. 25 guest boats.

    Anchor depths: 5-15 meters

    Welcome to Geirangerfjorden Marina! 

  7. Haramsøy Guest Marina


    6290 Haramsøy

    You will find the guest dock on the north side of the boathouse. In addition to guest spaces for boats, there is also plenty of space for motorhomes with empty tanks close by. The price of daily rental is NOK 200, - where all water, electricity,…

  8. Borgarøya Guest Marina


    6065 Ulsteinvik

    Borgarøya is an old trading place. The name comes from the fact that there have been "citizens" here since the early 17th century. These were people who had redeemed "civil letters" and had the right to travel along the coast and trade. Traders from…

  9. Brattvåg Guest Marina


    Brattvåg Småbåtforening
    6270 Brattvåg

    Brattvåg Småbåtforening has its own guest dock in the middle of the marina. The marina facility has wifi, electricity, water and sanitary features with shower and WC. Port fees are payable in cash at the clubhouse.

    Boat guests also have the…

  10. Brosundet Guest Marina


    6002 Ålesund

    Welcome to Brosundet Guest Marina - A harbor you will enjoy!

    The guest harbor has a power connection, fresh water filling and free WiFi. Emptying the septic in the inner harbor is prohibited. The rules state that one must at least 300 meters…

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